Blue Ribbon Testimonials


Blue Ribbon is THE SOURCE for both college basketball and college football information on every Div. I school that plays the game. Read the following testimonials from credible sources that subscribe to Blue Ribbon:

"Blue Ribbon is college basketball's most valuable publication, period. I'm never without it." --Jay Bilas, ESPN Analyst

"I take it everywhere I go. The only thing I don't like about it is its weight. But I couldn't afford for it to be any lighter. The book is crammed with information I use throughout the season. The people at Blue Ribbon do a great job." -- Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated

"No college basketball fan should try to get by without Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook." -- Newsweek

"Blue Ribbon is by far the most detailed, up-to-date and informative publication of its kind in the world." -- Louisville Courier-Journal

"What preseason basketball publications do you need? Only one: Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook. The rest are impostors. Blue Ribbon tells you more than you need to know. Which is perfect. You decide what you want. Believe us, they've got it."  -- Philadelphia Daily News

"It would be difficult to start a season without the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, not to mention making it through the first four to six weeks. It's also an invaluable aid with the beginning of March Madness."  -- Woody Durham Tar Heel Sports Network

"The most comprehensive and authoritative of the college basketball annuals." -- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"Top (college) hoop yearbook? Blue Ribbon still takes the prize." -- Basketball Times

"Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook is a reference tool that has everything a basketball junkie could want in one book, and more" -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"I never go into a college basketball season without Chris Dortch's Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook by my side. It is, by far, the most comprehensive publication on college hoops." -- Fran Fraschilla, ESPN Analyst

"Blue Ribbon is a play-by-play broadcaster’s best friend. The information always comes in handy during a broadcast, giving insight you might not find anywhere else." -- Joe D'ambrosio, Connecticut Play-By-Play Announcer

"Blue Ribbon is the one publication that I can use every day of the season. The information is insightful and unique." -- Wes Durham, Georgia Tech Play-By-Play Announcer

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